Manila: The Arrival

Hello loves!

Just want to share the Manila trip experience that we had one week ago. It was a 2-day family trip together with our hubbies btw so yeah. I hope you get some pointers & information that could help when you’re planning to travel to Manila. I know, I know. This is such a delay and I apologize for that 😉 I just didn’t had the extra time to make this since I was too busy with work after the trip but here it is now! 🙂

Day 1:

Our trip was scheduled last October 11-13 so that’s a weekend. A plus for my brothers & sisters who are still studying. We wouldn’t want them absent for 3 days right? 🙂 Anyway, me & my family decided to meetup at NAIA Terminal 3 instead of going onto the hotel separately since we actually came from different cities.

Me, my bro & my hubby waited at Burger King since we got at the airport first before the rest. Each meal actually costs around PHP90+. We ordered different flavors so we could share it and try each one out. Teheee!

burger king

Our food at Burger King while waiting for the rest to arrive. 🙂


After 1 hour of waiting….They finally arrived! We took a photo at the airport before heading out to our hotel. (my older sister is not in this photo since she was the one who took it. Sorry sis! )


Our haggard faces! 😛


We booked 2 mega family rooms at Shogun Suite Hotel for 2 nights. Each room costs us PHP2650/night and that’s already a promo. Nice right? 🙂 We are a total of 9 so we had to pay for an extra bed for our little brother since each room only allows 4 people.


Here’s a photo of our room. It’s a mess! Sorry! I was only able to take the photo before we checkout. I know it’s stupid for not being able to take the pic the first day. I was just sooo tired that time. 😦 Anyway, there’s a queen sized bed plus 2 single beds right there and the other one is the extra bed that we got for our brother. I wasn’t able to get a pic for the other room since well, we were already checked out and in a hurry. Yikes!

this photo was taken the 3rd day before checkout


I read lots of reviews about the hotel so one thing I can say based on experience is that, they really have hard pillows. There’s one that we had which isn’t but who cares? As long as you get to live in this fancy room with hot shower and a cr-japanese like for 2 nights, I wouldn’t even complain! 🙂

If you do want to order food, you can try checking out their menus. They have refrigerator there with drinks so you can take out anything you want and just pay what you need to pay during checkout.

I forgot to mention earlier that each room has 2 free breakfast. So we got 4 all in all. When we actually went to get our coupons, instead of 4 we were given 7 coupons! 7 and that’s free! We only had to spend money for 2 meals only! We did ask the guy who gave us the coupon if they are for real and yes they are! Wow! Thumbs up for you SHOGUN SUITE!

Here is another positive feedback for Shogun Suite: They really serve delicious meals! They have american style and the native. It’s your choice! They have it! I just wasn’t able to take the photo. T_T . I was so focused on the food I couldn’t even think! hahaha.

If you’re on a tight budget and didn’t want to spend more money for a meal then you can go out and buy a cheaper one. Outside the hotel you can find Chowking & Mcdonalds. You just have to cross the street to get there. That’s one negative thing about the hotel though–the streets. It’s near MRT or under not really familiar but the surrounding is crowded and the street is narrow you really need to keep your bags with you at all times but that’s only the negative thing I can say about the hotel. 😉

Anyhow…I guess this post ends here. Onto the -> NEXT CHAPTER!