Elastislide jQuery Link Solution

I’m using an Elastislide jQuery Carousel Plugin in one of my clients website. The plugin is great and really easy to work with. One thing that really pissed me off is the link. It took me 1 day to get the solution. Well, pretty stupid of me not to read comments of other devs. Well, here’s how to make the links in Elastislide clickable:

1. Open jquery.elastislide.js
2. Go to Line 265
3. Replace this code:

// item click event
this.$items.bind(‘click.elastislide’, function( event ) {
instance.options.onClick( $(this) );
return false;


// item click event
this.$items.bind(‘click.elastislide’, function( event ) {
//instance.options.onClick( $(this) );
//return false;
return instance.options.onClick( $(this) );

and add up

imageW: 150,
onClick : function( $item ) {
return true;


There are also some developers who have other ways of making the links clickable and I’ve tried all of them and unfortunately only this one passed. There are also other tweaks that might help you. Check out the link below.


Credits to Dalpo. :)
Source: http://tympanus.net/codrops/2011/09/12/elastislide-responsive-carousel/comment-page-5/#comments

Image source:http://tympanus.net/