Remove watermark in Wow Slider 2.1.3

You might be wondering how to remove the watermark in your slideshow using wowslider right? I also tried to look online for solutions and I can’t seem to find one so I tried to look at the codes that might help me get rid of it and voila! Found one.. so here’s what you’ve got to do.

A quick tutorial on how to remove or hide watermark in Wow Slider 2.1.3

1. Replace all the images uploaded in wowslider with the original one and resize according to your preference.

Note: Images in wowslider will have their watermarks on it. See image below

2. Go to engine1 folder and look for wowslider.js

3. Find this code:

c.css({position:”absolute”,right:”2px”, bottom:”2px”,padding:”0 0 0 0″,”z-index”:10

4. Add the red text in the code

c.css({position:”absolute”,right:”2px”, display:”none”,bottom:”2px”,padding:”0 0 0 0″,”z-index”:10

5. Save it, Reload your browser and YOU’RE DONE!