Mactan International Airport to Ayala Mall

So, you’re also new in Cebu right?

Well, here’s how to get to Ayala Mall from Mactan International Airport WITHOUT riding a taxi 🙂

→ First, you need to ride the yellow PUV (I think that’s what they call it?). If you’re new, I recommend sitting at the front seat.

→ Ask the driver to drop you off at SM or Savemore.

→ Ride a 20D or 21D PUV. I’m not really sure but you should ask the conductor or the driver just to be sure. Ask him to drop you off at Maguikay High-way. Btw, they won’t actually drop you off at the hi-way, you’ll have to walk around 2-3min to get there.

→ Look for a 20B PUV. They’ll take you to Ayala Mall. 🙂

In my experience with taxis, if it’s dawn then you won’t have a problem with the fare. You’ll just spend around 150-200php. For me, I only spent 187php from Talamban to the Airport.

NOTE: YELLOW TAXIS costs more than the white one.

I guess that’s it. I really hope this can help 🙂


A place to stay in Cebu City

Hey there reader! I suppose you’re looking for a place to stay while you’re here in Cebu City right? To be honest, I haven’t been to Cebu for a very long time. To cut the story short, I applied a job as a Web Developer and got accepted so I came here in Cebu together with my parents of course. A place to stay for the night was our main concern so we searched over the net for cheap and nice pension houses and inns. There are a lot of them that you can choose from but we chose one that’s nearer or should I say nearest to Ayala. We’ve got Robe’s Pension House and Alto Pension House. Since Robe’s Pension House doesn’t allow early reservations we switched to Alto Pension house that immediately booked us a room. Nice huh?! Thumbs up for that!

Here’s the pic I’ve got inside our room:

This is a Standard Family Room that only cost P1,050. Good for 3 guests.

Standard Family Room

Inside the CR: They only have cold shower btw.

They also have elevators inside the building. 🙂

Check the links I’ve provided above for more details on both Pension Houses.