Chapter 21: The Angry Spirit

Disclaimer: I don’t own Spirited Away. Just re-posting the story by moviefan-92


Zeniba was getting nervous. And the farther they walked, the more nervous she got, but now she was really feeling anxious. Forest spirits were very powerful, and if the lake spirit was right and Yuteela did hold a grudge against humans, then this could be a real problem.

Not being a bonded spirit, Zeniba didn’t know the pain of losing one’s land. She could imagine what it was like, but she could never know the feeling. She figured Yuteela would be upset and angry, but nothing could have prepared her for the amount of rage she felt originating from within Yuteela’s domain. It was frightening. So much anger, all directed at the human’s who dared to destroy her forest.

“Chihiro, we should be careful.” She warned. “We’re getting close.”

Chihiro looked around. Everything still looked the same; just a bunch of rocky terrain. “How can you tell?”

“I can sense Yuteela’s anger.” The witch explained. “Her aura is consumed with rage. When the lake spirit said Yuteela was angry, I had no idea it would be this intense.”

No-Face growled as the effects of the angry forest spirit mixed with his emotions. Being the type of monster that he was, his behavior was a result of those around him; thus being the reason for his aggressiveness in the bathhouse 12 years ago.

“I don’t sense anything.” Chihiro muttered, immediately feeling foolish for saying something so stupid. Of course she couldn’t sense anything; she was human.

“The air is thick with rage.” Zeniba replied. “She’s close. And to say that she is angry is an understatement.”

Chihiro gulped. “Where is she?”

Zeniba shrugged. “Beats me.”

Chihiro groaned. “Yu-bird, do you think you could fly around a bit and see if you can see anything.” She didn’t think Yuteela would harm a fellow spirit.

Yu-bird nodded and took off. Unknowingly to any of them, the moment she took flight a dark figure slid further into the shadows. It had been watching them for a while now, wondering what they were doing here. It didn’t mind the spirits being here, but the human was another story. What was a human doing here? How dare they come to this world, and how dare other spirits associate with it!

The spirit’s knuckles cracked as they made a fist in their anger. Slowly they crept closer. The witch already suspected them, and the faceless monster was feeling the impact of their emotions. But the human was clueless, that was good. They knew personally how destructive humans could be. Their eyes narrowed as unhealed wounds opened up from memories of the past. They still remembered it as if it were yesterday. The humans mercilessly cutting down the trees, the animals running for cover as their homes were destroyed, the environment changing from its beautiful greenery, to a place fit for the benefit of humans.

A low growl escaped their throat as they thought about these things. The humans had caused them so much pain, and now they were here. They couldn’t just leave them in peace; they had to come to this world too. The greedy creatures! The humans will not take this world too!

Yu-bird continued to circle overhead as the others followed down on the ground. None of them were aware of the angry spirit following them, but they did sense the emotions of rage getting closer and closer.

Finally Zeniba held up a hand to stop them. She whistled for Yu-bird to join them on the ground. Chihiro cocked her head to the side. “What’s wrong, Granny?”

Zeniba’s eyes searched around the shadows, looking for the angry spirit. “She’s here.”

Upon realizing what the witch was talking about, Chihiro immediately jumped behind No-Face, clinging to his little arm. “Where?”

“I’m not sure.” Zeniba whispered. “But she’s here somewhere.”

“Maybe… maybe we should ask her to come out so we can tell her that we come in peace.” Chihiro suggested.

Zeniba’s eyes continued to roam. Perhaps that was a good idea; at least then they wouldn’t need to worry about a sneak attack. “Very well, but I think you should be the one to do it since the grudge is held against your kind.” Chihiro moaned in fright but nodded in agreement. “Alright, then slowly step out into the open and get down on your knees.”

Chihiro did so. She slowly separated herself from the others, only by a few feet, and got down on her knees.

“Ok,” Zeniba muttered, going over a list of spells she could use in case any danger befell upon the human, “now formerly address the forest spirit and ask for her to appear to you.”

Chihiro took a few deep breaths before bowing. “Oh great and powerful forest spirit, Yuteela, I, Chihiro Ogino, request to speak to you on peaceful terms. Know that I mean you no harm and that I have the greatest respect for you.”

For a few seconds nothing happened, but then a figure burst from the shadows and appeared right in front of Chihiro, startling the human. No-Face made a movement to attack and Zeniba nearly unleashed her magic, but both held back as they watched the forest spirit tower over Chihiro.

Chihiro gasped as she looked upon Yuteela. Unlike the other forest spirit, the one within the toxic forest, Yuteela was terrifying to look at. She seemed to be a cross between a human and a spider. Towering over Chihiro about 9 feet, Yeetla glared down at the human with four yellow eyes. Her nose, which were just 2 slits in the shape of two letter C’s, sucked in air heavily, revealing how angry she was, and a forked tongue trailed over her pointy fangs. Long blood red hair fell past her shoulders and a pair of three-foot antenna poked out of her head, blowing in the breeze with her hair. Six black antenna stuck out of her shoulder blades, three on each side, waving around slightly as if they were itching to wrap around something, preferably something human, and several yellow spikes went down her spine. She had no left arm; instead 8 long spider legs grew out of the spot her shoulder should have begun to form an arm. Chihiro guessed that it was used for climbing trees back in her forest. Her right arm, the one that actually was an arm, was so long that it nearly touched the ground; her extremely long bony fingers just grazing the ground by her high-heeled shaped feet.

Chihiro visible winched at the sight of the clearly angry forest spirit. “Yu-tee-la.” She stuttered, wondering why the most dangerous of people were always so terrifying.

The spirit’s four eyes narrowed. “Human!” she hissed, pointing accusingly at Chihiro. “What are you doing here?” She turned furiously to Chihiro’s companions. “What is a human doing here?”

Zeniba gulped. “Just passing through.” She muttered.

“Passing through!” Yuteela bellowed. “A human should not be in our world!” She turned back to Chihiro. “What, destroying your world isn’t enough? Now you have to destroy our world too?”

Chihiro desperately wished Haku was here. “I don’t want to destroy anything.”

“LIAR!” Yuteela yelled, slashing at the air. “Your kind destroyed my forest, and now you’ve come here to take away the only place I have left!”

Zeniba moved in front of Chihiro. “She is not here to cause trouble. She is a good person.”

Yuteela snorted in disbelief. “That’s what I thought when the humans first came. Then they started destroying my forest. She’s no different from them! They’re all the same!”

Now Zeniba began getting angry. “How dare you accuse her of-”

“Granny!” Chihiro said loudly. “It’s ok. I understand why she’s angry.”

Yuteela threw her head back and laughed, but it wasn’t an amused laugh. “Do you now? Do you really?”

Chihiro nodded, trying not to show how frightened she was. “Yes, the lake spirit that lived nearby told me how my kind completely destroyed your forest.”

Yuteela sneered. “Well, aren’t you the smart one? That foolish spirit has no idea what I’ve gone through. Oh sure, his lake may have been polluted, but he only got sick for a while. You have no idea what it’s like for me.”

Chihiro tried to look sympathetic, but it was hard when she was trembling. How was she supposed to turn this spirit’s anger into sadness? “I understand how you feel-”

“NO, YOU DON’T!” Yuteela cried, yanking on her antenna. “You don’t know how I feel! You’ll never know! For a spirit like me, losing their land is like losing their home, their parents, best friend, and an important part of them all at once. Have you ever experienced anything like that?”


“THEN DON’T SAY THAT YOU UNDERSTAND!” She was breathing very heavily as she tried to get her anger under control. “You humans took something precious from me that I can never get back.”

“Well… it’s not like you need it.” Chihiro’s hand clamped over her mouth. That had not come out right.

Yuteela’s anger hit the roof. “Oh, so I guess that means you could go on without your arms or legs because you don’t need them!”

“No, I meant-”

“How would you feel if I took something from you? How about I take away your vision or your hearing? Let’s see how you feel after that!”

“I didn’t mean it like that.” Chihiro cried desperately. “Isn’t taking care of a forest a big responsibility? Now you don’t need to worry about it.” This was not going the way she had planned.

Yuteela clenched her teeth together as she said, “My forest wasn’t just some garden or greenhouse like the kind you humans tend to! It was part of me! I was born from it! You humans took it from me! You’re heartless, destructive, greedy creatures!

“Not all humans are like that.” Zeniba cried, coming to defend Chihiro’s race. “Chihiro is nothing like that.”

“Ah, ah!” No-Face cried, nodding in agreement.

“Well I have yet to meet one to show me otherwise.” Said Yuteela stubbornly.

“But it’s true though.” Said Chihiro. “There are people that protest against such destruction.”

“Oh, they ‘protest’, do they?” Yuteela mocked. “Yes, that really works. All the destruction stops because a small fraction of humans hold up a bunch of signs. Please! At the end of the day they just go back to their nice cozy homes and leave all the destruction behind.”

“There are people that plant trees, clean up the environment, and shelter animals.” Said Chihiro.

“Ha! It’s for their own personal gain though. They don’t care.”

“They don’t know.” Chihiro corrected. “I had no idea about any of this until I came here.”

Yuteela locked eyes with her. “And do you think that it would make a difference if they did know?” she asked, practically whispering. “You humans don’t care, not as long as you benefit from it. How many of nature’s creatures died for the greed of you humans?” Her anger seemed to fade a bit and she got a far way look in her eyes. “My forest was so beautiful, so full of life. Everywhere you went, Kodoma ran freely. Greenery was as far as the eye could see. It was wonderful.” Her eyes got darker. “Then the humans came. They mercilessly destroyed what I once held dear. Now tar and concrete cover the ones grassy ground and large metal buildings take the place of my beautiful trees. Even if by some miracle that city is destroyed and another forest grows where mine once was, it won’t be mine; it will be that of the spirit born from the new forest.”

In her anger, she punched a large boulder, completely shattering it. “You humans, you just don’t understand. You can’t understand. You go about like you rule this planet, not caring about who or what you hurt to get what you want.”

“I told you, no one knows about this world or anyone in it.” Chihiro cried.

“They wouldn’t care if they did!” Yuteela snapped. “I know this. Many years ago, a fellow forest spirit known as Shishi Gami was murdered. He had his head blown right off. Can you justify that?”

Chihiro couldn’t. “No.”

“You see! Careless, heartless, greedy creatures. And you just keep getting away with it. Well not here, not in this world. You’ll pay for what you did to me.”

Zeniba held her arms out, shielding Chihiro. “If you want to do anything to her, you’ll have to go through me!”

Yuteela growled. “Traitor! You would risk your life for this miserable creature?”

Zeniba’s eyes narrowed. “Yes.”

Yuteela growled again. “FINE!”

She lashed out, striking the paper ‘bird’ that Zeniba used to be in two places at once. The ‘bird’ was torn to pieces. Zeniba gasped in shock.

“Chihiro, run!” the witch cried as she faded away.

Chihiro did just that. She jumped to her feet and ran over to No-Face.

“Not so fast!” Yuteela cried.

She grabbed Chihiro by her hair and pulled her back. A moment later she released her, howling in pain. A burn mark appeared on her hand from touching the hair band in Chihiro’s hair. Zeniba was right, it did protect her.


Yuteela suddenly changed. She went from looking like a cross between a human and a spider, to a giant mutant spider. Her face still resembled her humanoid form, but the rest of her was the massive body of a spider, changing from a pale blue color to a dark blue.

Yuteela pounced. Chihiro cried out as she was pulled out of the way by No-Face. Then the faceless monster did something that Chihiro had never experienced and hoped never to again; he swallowed her!

Yuteela cried out angrily and lashed out at No-Face, who had already turned to run away on legs now resembling a human’s. Yuteela gave chase behind them as Yu-bird flew overhead, flying down every chance she got to attack the forest spirit.

“Leave us alone!” No-Face cried in a voice sounding very similar to Chihiro’s.

“Give me the human!” Yuteela bellowed.


No-Face moved surprisingly fast, but Yuteela was gaining on him. No-Face called Yu-bird over to him and when the bird flew by, he grabbed her ate her too. Black bird wings burst from his back and he immediately took flight, flying beyond Yuteela’s reach.

“See you later.” No-Face called down to the giant spider, thinking he and the others had gotten away.

“You’re not going anywhere!” Yuteela cried.

She jumped high in the air, using her legs like springs. No-Face yelped and tried to fly higher, but Yuteela had already caught up. One of the black tentacles on her back lashed out, whipping No-Face and sending the monster crashing to the ground.

Yuteela landed right over the fallen monster, glaring down at him. “Give me the human!”

No-Face quickly moved out from under her. Yuteela spun around and slashed out with one of her legs. They slashed across No-Face’s back, damaging his wings; it didn’t really harm him since he doesn’t naturally have wings, but it did prevent him from flying, and Yuteela was not going to stop anytime soon.


Chihiro knew where she was, she just didn’t believe it. This was beyond disgusting. It was wet, hot, and tight. She felt like she was stuck in a tube. Poor Yu-bird was stuck in here for hours as they had flown over the toxic forest.

Speaking of Yu-bird, she just dropped down inside No-Face’s stomach, and she definitely wasn’t happy about it.

“Yu-bird, what’s going on?” Chihiro cried, knowing that even if she received an answer she wouldn’t understand what Yu-bird was saying.

As she predicted, Yu-bird screeched angrily, telling Chihiro nothing she could understand, but she knew what the spirit meant. This was all just so wrong. She prayed No-Face would find a safe place and fast so he could throw up her and Yu-bird.

‘That sounds real pleasant.’ She thought sarcastically.


No-Face had to admit that Yuteela was determine to catch him. Ok, not him, but Chihiro; her constant cries of, “Give me the human,” proved that. Suddenly, Yuteela jumped in front of No-Face’s path and whirled around to meet him. No-Face skidded to a halt and changed directions, with Yuteela hot in pursuit.

“Go away!” No-Face cried. He held out his hand and dirt disguised as gold appeared in it. He threw this at the charging forest spirit. “Here, take the gold and go.”

Yuteela ran right past the small pieces of fake gold. No-Face continued running. He suddenly spotted a crack in a rock wall. It looked like it would be a tight fit, but he went for it. Yuteela was right behind him and gaining. No-Face made a jumped for it, just managing to squeeze into the rock formation. There was a loud crash as Yuteela slammed into the rock wall.

Crying out in frustration, Yuteela continued ramming into the wall. No-Face cowered back further. Yuteela was too big to fit, but he didn’t want to take any chances.

“Give me the human!”

“No!” No-Face held out his hands and created more phony gold. “Take the gold and leave her alone.”

Yuteela squeezed her head inside the crack. Her neck, as it seemed, could stretch, and it moved inside a good four feet. “I don’t want any gold! Gold can’t give me back my forest!”

“Neither will harming Chihiro.” No-Face pointed out.

“It’s called justice!” Yuteela roared. “Her kind destroyed my forest; someone is going to pay!”

“So you’re going to harm an innocent because of what a few of her kind did who knows how long ago?”

Yuteela’s eyes flashed angrily. “You don’t understand! Give her to me!”

“I’d rather die.” Said No-Face.

And with that, he squeezed further away, heading for the exit. Yuteela attempted to continue her pursuit, but she was suddenly faced with a dilemma; her head was stuck!

As Yuteela continued to try and free herself, No-Face was able to sneak away and find a suitable hiding place. By the time the forest spirit got her head unstuck she had lost track of the faceless monster.

“Where are you?” she shouted. “Come out now!”

No-Face gave a disbelieving snort of laughter at Yuteela’s ridiculous orders. Yeah, like he would really come out just because she told him to. Thinking it was safe, at least for the time being, he threw up Chihiro and Yu-bird. Neither appeared hurt, but both looked disgusted.

“That was the most disturbing thing that has ever happened to me in my entire life.” Chihiro muttered. She turned to No-Face. “Thanks No-Face, I owe you.”

No-Face made a shushing gesture and pointed behind the large boulder they were hiding behind. Yuteela was on a rampage, throwing rocks and smashing boulders as she searched for Chihiro.

“Where are you?” she yelled. “Come and pay for what you’ve done to me! Take responsibility for your actions!”

‘I didn’t do anything!’ Chihiro thought in outrage.

No-Face pushed Chihiro up against the wall and covered her with his body to hide her in the shadows. Yuteela was getting closer, her antennas twitching to feel vibrations in the air.

“Come out, come out, wherever you are.” Yuteela hissed.

Chihiro made a small moaning noise as Yuteela’s shadow loomed over her hiding place. Yuteela was right behind them!

“Where are you?”

“SCREECH!” Yu-bird flew out of hiding and slashed Yuteela with her talons. Yuteela cried out as Yu-bird continued to attack.

“Annoying pest!” Yuteela shouted. “Tell me where the human is!”

No-Face pulled Chihiro along as Yu-bird continued to lead Yuteela away from them.

“But what about Yu-bird?” Chihiro asked.

No-Face made a shushing gesture and pulled Chihiro along. Chihiro really didn’t want to leave Yu-bird, but she had no choice; if she stayed, she was dead meat.

Yuteela growled as Yu-bird continued to taunt her. The stupid spirit bird was really getting on her nerves. She just wanted the human. Why would these spirits risk their lives for her?

She stopped. Yu-bird doubled back when she realized Yuteela wasn’t following her anymore. She began flying around the forest spirit’s head again, but Yuteela didn’t react. How could she be so stupid?

Whirling around, she spotted the faceless monster pulling the human away in a desperate attempt to escape.

‘You thought you could outsmart me?’ she thought.

Yu-bird panicked when she realized that Yuteela had spotted her friends. She continued to fly around the forest spirit’s head, trying to get the attention back on herself. Yuteela didn’t take the bait; instead one of her black tentacles lashed out and whipped Yu-bird, sending her crashing to the ground.

“You can’t escape now!” Yuteela declared.

Chihiro was unaware of the approaching threat as No-Face dragged her, surprisingly fast, away from the angry forest spirit. Chihiro actually thought that she might get away until Yuteela’s shadow looming over her suddenly made things darker. Chihiro turned around to find the enraged forest spirit right behind her.

“NO-FACE!” she screamed.

No-Face pushed Chihiro away and dove at Yuteela, latching onto her face. Yuteela cried out and tried to shake No-Face loose.

“AH!” No-Face cried.

Chihiro didn’t understand No-Face’s language, but she certainly got the message. “RUN!”

Chihiro did just that. There wasn’t anything she could do anyway; just try to get away. Yuteela struggled to get No-Face off, but No-Face held on tightly.

“Get off me!” Yuteela shouted.

When No-Face refused to budge, Yuteela head-butted a rock wall, crushing No-Face. The faceless monster grunted but still maintained a firm grip. Yuteela continued to slam into the rock wall, giving herself a massive headache, but hurting No-Face much more.

One of Yuteela’s tentacles wrapped around No-Face and finally ripped him off. She glared at the faceless monster. “She’s gotten to you, foolish creature!” She mercilessly tossed No-Face aside and turned back to the retreating Chihiro. “You won’t get away now.”

Chihiro ran without looking back. She was afraid to see what would be happening to her friends if she turned around. So she ran; ran like the weak little human she was. But she couldn’t run much longer. She had been traveling for days and was completely drained.

‘Is this how it’s supposed to end?’ she wondered. ‘Am I going to die for what a few of my kind did many years ago? It’s not fair! I’ve come so far! Oh Haku!’

She half tripped, half collapsed, no longer having the strength to continue. “I can’t do this anymore.” She said tearfully. “My friends are in trouble, I’m all alone, there’s an angry spirit after me. What do I do?”

She covered her eyes and began to weep. She couldn’t help it. She felt like she was 10 years old and lost without anyone again.

A flashing light, bright enough for her to see through her hands covering her eyes, distracted her. She opened her eyes and saw the golden seal. It was spinning in the air and flashing, just as it had done when she and the others had reached Lord Okaia.

“Am I…” she whispered. “Have I arrived?”

“There you are!”

Chihiro turned and saw Yuteela rapidly approaching. Finding new strength, she jumped to her feet and ran. The spirit of life was here somewhere, and she was going to find it; hopefully before she was caught.

She expected to have Yuteela fall upon her at any moment, but instead the forest spirit was calmly walking towards her with a wicked grin on her face.

“There’s nowhere you can run to now, human.” She sneered. “That’s a dead end.”

“A dead end?” Chihiro muttered.

She soon realized that Yuteela was right. Not too far ahead was a large canyon, one that was way too far to jump across and was so deep that she couldn’t see the bottom; only black.

“What it this, the Grand Canyon?” she cried.

Yuteela laughed as she approached. “Now you’ll pay for what you did.”

Chihiro turned to her fearfully. “Please, I’m not any of the humans that destroyed your forest. I’m nothing like that.”


Chihiro was terrified. She could feel herself shaking. No, wait, that wasn’t her. The ground was shaking. Looking down, she saw cracks appearing on the ground. The edge of the canyon wasn’t sturdy enough and couldn’t handle Yuteela’s weight.

“WAIT, STOP!” she cried.

Yuteela ignored her and took another step forward. That was all it took. Yuteela’s enormous size and weight caused the ground to give way beneath her and Chihiro, and the two of them fell into the dark abyss.


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