Remove watermark in Wow Slider 2.1.3

You might be wondering how to remove the watermark in your slideshow using wowslider right? I also tried to look online for solutions and I can’t seem to find one so I tried to look at the codes that might help me get rid of it and voila! Found one.. so here’s what you’ve got to do.

A quick tutorial on how to remove or hide watermark in Wow Slider 2.1.3

1. Replace all the images uploaded in wowslider with the original one and resize according to your preference.

Note: Images in wowslider will have their watermarks on it. See image below

2. Go to engine1 folder and look for wowslider.js

3. Find this code:

c.css({position:”absolute”,right:”2px”, bottom:”2px”,padding:”0 0 0 0″,”z-index”:10

4. Add the red text in the code

c.css({position:”absolute”,right:”2px”, display:”none”,bottom:”2px”,padding:”0 0 0 0″,”z-index”:10

5. Save it, Reload your browser and YOU’RE DONE!


45 thoughts on “Remove watermark in Wow Slider 2.1.3

  1. cheers! worked, seems they change the code slightly, but figured out how to add display:none to make it work. Thanks!

    • Hey I just played around with the code and I might have found the solution.

      Look for this in the code in wowslider.js

      {N.css({position:”relative”,display:”block”,”background-color”:”#FFFFFF”,color:”#ffffff”,”font-family”:”Lucida Grande,sans-serif”,”font-size”:”11px”,”font-weight”:”normal”,”font-style”:”normal”,”-moz-border-radius”:”5px”,”border-radius”:”5px”,padding:”1px 5px”,width:”auto”,height:”auto”,margin:”0 0 0 0″,outline:”none”});

      And then change these 2 attributes to match your background colour. In my case, I’m using a white background so I changed the values to #ffffff.

      The attrivutes that need to be changed are:

      1) background-color

      2) color

      Hope this helped!

  2. lol guys the best way is to hide it under your slider


    instead of adding display:”none”
    (By doing this it will get rid of watermark but will also get rid of your slider effects)

    best way is simply change the index to -1 from the code below

    c.css({position:”absolute”,right:”2px”, display:”none”,bottom:”2px”,padding:”0 0 0 0″,”z-index”:10 <—– this one change it to -1

    hope this helps it did for me!

    • Thank you all for posting your solutions, as a Javascript novice it saved me quiet some time!

      – – I think as long as you hack it just for drafts and client presentation purposes these solutions are perfectly fine. You may get in trouble if you use these hacks on public pages unless you alter the .js code a lot more. I suggest you kill at least all their comment code (e.g. “// “)… – –

      Anyhow, with “GMA’s” solution – depending on how closely you placed other design elements below the slider – you may get jumping or other unwanted effects during the transition, and as he pointed it out, with “awesome dude’s” tweak you may kill some slider effects.

      The solution is to use “GMA’s” hack but set in addition font-size and borders to “0px” – see code below.
      Works for me.
      (Haven’t done cross-browser tests with all these hacks yet though)

      …”Lucida Grande,sans-serif”,”font-size”:”0px”,”font-weight”:”normal”,”font-style”:”normal”,”-moz-border-radius”:”0px”,”border-radius”:”0px”,padding:”0 0 0 0″,width:”auto”,height:”auto”,margin:”0 0 0 0″,outline:”…

  3. remove watermark from wow slider for 2.3 version.

    firstly: we must change all pic in the “data1/image” folder whit original pic.
    be carefull, it must be same name

    second. open wowslider.js file whit notepad or other programs.
    c.css({position:”absolute”,right:”2px”, display:”none”,bottom:”2px”,padding:”0 0 0 0″,”z-index”:10

    and change it z-index”:10 to


  4. can any one mail me wow slider version 2.1.3 or any version which works pls i want it iam fed up of searching whole net for that pls kindly do this favour can any one tell me is removing watermark works with earlier 1.0 or 1.3 or 1.7 versions
    my e mail id :-

  5. Simplest way, but a bit effort required!!!

    Hi evry1, all d images of d slider r stored in data/images of wowslider folder..just open dis images in Paint and edit d image, removing d watermark from dem..It works in each n every version..

  6. I’ve read carefully the post and all the comments but I still can’t find the solution. My problem is that I don´t have a file called “wowslider.js” in my folder “engine1”. In the folder “engine1” I just have a file called “jquery.js”, another called “script.js”, another called “style.css” and images for arrows, bullets, shadows and triangle. So, If I don’t have the file “wowslider.js” to modify, whant should I do?

  7. Guys thank you for your nice post. I tried for this one c.css({position:”absolute”,right:”2px”, display:”none”,bottom:”2px”,padding:”0 0 0 0″,”z-index”:10 and I didnt make it I use wow slider version 2.3. can you please help me how I can remove the watermark

    • Use this one, it works on many versions but most importantly it works on the latest version so you can just download the software and apply this patch.

      $(‘*’).filter(function() {
      return $(this).css(‘z-index’) == 10;
      }).each(function() {

      • Update:
        Latest version – Jan 5th 2013

        Add this to the end of script.js

        jQuery(“*”).filter(function() {
        return $(this).attr(“href”) == “”;
        }).each(function() {

        The images themselves will need to have the watermark removed but that’s just a case of creating images of the correct dimentions.

  8. Remove watermark from wow slider for 2.8 version.
    After publishing the slider…….

    i. Open the java-script “wowslider.js” from “engine1″ folder.

    ii. Then go to the line number 25th (approx.) from the top end of the code-line.

    Here is the line you need to edit — (“border-radius”:”5px”,”-moz-border


    bind(“contextmenu”, function(c){return false}).show().appendTo(X||)

    iii. In this line you can just change .show() to .hide()

    iv. After changing the attribute from .show() to .hide() you can see another watermark, which is actually left on those sliding images now you can remove this watermark by using any image editing software like “Photoshop” or any other. Since its your decision you can replace those images with their original which you have already been sliced or edited..


  9. update to this
    look for this line wowslider.js
    (“contextmenu”,function(c){return false}).show().appendTo(aj||
    change to (“contextmenu”,function(c){return false}).hide().appendTo(aj||
    remove watermark from images

  10. Try to add this to style.css
    #wowslider-container1 .ws_images div a {
    Of course u have to change #wowslider-container1 to another number, if ur gallery has different.

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